Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes
SUH3 Run #1523
100 year HASH
Wednesday, 22 November 2023, 18:30 CET
: Ulriksdal
: 2 Swedes Cummin' & Pimp n Slicky Licky
: 1 °C, light rain, overcast, moderate breeze.
: 20 kr
: Brödernas

Take Pendeltåg towards Märsta or  Uppsala. Be in fronton Train.Exit at Ulriksdal and follow half arrows to restaurant Brödernas. Allow 5 min walking time.


Welcome to Ulriksdal for Underground # 1523.

Pimp and 2 Swedes jointly turn 100 years on this exact day. So why not celebrate while we're alive with a joint hash. 2 Swedes has a trail 4 runners and Pimp will lead the walkers astray. Co hare assistant R Slicky Licky. Hopefully hash car for bags will be provided.

Pre order & pay food b4 run.

If weather - Wear clothes
If darkness - Bring light
If drinks (yes) - Bring mug
If slippery- wear spikes
If thirsty - Drink more


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